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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Classroom Redo - Signage

So this year my school is under construction.  This gave me an idea.......rut row......Why not redesign my classroom since it will be empty at the beginning of the year?  I have been finding lots of great "creative" ideas on Pinterest (yeah I know, who isn't? That website is AMAZING!) and I want to rethink the space, not just redesign it.  So this project is the first of several this summer.  I'm creating more defined areas in my classroom, each with a purpose.  Each area needs a sign doesn't it?  So I started with chalkboards from Joann's, Damask ribbon from Michael's and good ol' painters tape and lime green spray paint.

First up the wood frames on the chalkboards got a coat of paint. 

Next step was to attach ribbon.  I didn't have a staple gun so I decided to give E6000 a try!  Holy Moly that glue is CRAZY STRONG!  I also finished off the ends of all the ribbon I cut with my trusty lighter.

After the ribbon was attached it was time to label the signs.  I had several ideas, from vinyl letters cut out on the Cricut, to Scrapbook Alphabet Letters, but I really wanted something less permanent but would not easily smudge.  I decided on a Crayola Window Marker.  So far I'm happy with how it is  working out.  The only disappointment is that it isn't a cute font.  I guess I should be happy I have good handwriting.

Three signs finished.  One is shown hanging.  Still need to write on three more, another Tech Services for my co-teacher.  Struggling with the names for the other two areas........hmmmmm.  It will come to me.......probably at 4 am when I'm not sleeping.  =)

More on my crafting projects soon!  If you want to get a sneak peek on my plans check out my Pinterest Redesign board.

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