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Friday, December 27, 2013

Organizing Warranties & Manuals

A while back I found a fabulous organizing site online - Alejandra.tv
If you haven't seen it, check it out, specifically her video section......it's an organizing motherload!!! One of her videos talked about using Staples Better Binders to hold warranties & manuals.  Click here to watch the video.

I really liked how her binders turned out and since I was tired of looking at the stack of manuals that was about 4 inches high in my basement, I decided to make my own.  I bought 2 - 2" better binders from Staples that coordinated with some patterned scrapbook paper that I had on hand.  I got lots of the gusseted binder pockets and went to work organizing with my label maker and Post It Flags.

Binders & Sections in each:
  • Stuff that Comes with the House (stuff that most likely will not move with us, if and when we ever move)
    • Kitchen Appliances
    • Water Heater
    • Washer/Dryer
    • Heat/AC
  • Everything Else
    • Baby Items
    • Toys
    • Handheld Devices
    • Electronics
    • Appliances
    • Tools/Outdoor
Now when we get new items or we need warranty information or product proof of purchase, I know right where to look.  They also look much prettier than that stack of manuals.  =)

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Canvas Totes

So what do you give the best preschool teachers ever on a budget?  As a teacher I love receiving gift cards.  Yes I know, it's impersonal, but it is really what gets used the best.  As a Mama, I want to give my daughter's preschool teachers something that shows how much I appreciate all the time they spend teaching my daughter. So I decided, I would do both.

Now what to make? Who loves Pinterest? Me! I found this great idea from It's Great to be Home!  What teacher doesn't like books?  So here's the plan, I'm buying small $ gift cards to a book store and giving them a monogrammed tote that they can carry their books or other small items in.  =)

Materials (I got everything from my Personal Craft Stock or Michaels)
6 Canvas Totes - $9.99 for 3 pack
Sponge Brushes - $2.49
Dolies 10 pack - $1.99 - I got 10"
Black Fabric Paint - $3.99
Spray Adhesive - Already had
Exacto Knife and Self Healing Mat - Already had
Shallow Container for Paint - Already had
Mono Adhesive - Already had
Tweezers or Small Pliers - Already had
**Note if you have a Silouette Cameo then you wouldn't need the Knife, Healing Mat, or the Mono Adhesive**

Following the directions on the It's Great to be Home blog, I didn't have any trouble!  They were perfect.

First I laid out my doily on the bag and measured the space where I wanted the letters to go.  Then using Microsoft PPT, I made the letters for the Monogram.  I used Kimberly Geswein's Be Still and Know and made them about 3 inches tall.  Then I printed them.

Next I cut them out by hand.  Time Consuming!

Then I positioned them on the doily in the location I wanted.  I used some Mono Adhesive to attach them and cut them out again.  If you have a Silouette you can do the last two steps directly onto the doily and save yourself a LOT of time.

I ironed the bags and then began the process of monogramming.  I used a Spray Adhesive and followed the directions for the Temporary Adhesive.  I positioned on the bag and smoothed it out and made sure it was stuck.  Like is mentioned in the blog, this step is super important to keep any paint from seeping under the edges and ruining your beautiful work.

Once the doily was firmly in place I started to dab black fabric paint in the open spaces using the doily as a stencil.  I didn't brush but did a up down dab method. (Don't know the official term for this)

Then using small needlenose pliers, I pulled up the doily very carefully and discarded it.  Then I admired the result.

Turned out pretty good huh?

This is definitely an EASY project.  It is time consuming though.  Start to finish it took a few hours.
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