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Monday, December 31, 2012

Easy Notepads

This year I made a planner for my cousin as her Christmas gift.  I also did a little notebook project for her hubby that loves the Boston Bruins.  As I was finishing up their items, I saw this post on Pinterest.

This got me started to think I could make them both little notepads to go with their items.  Well the Padding Compound was super expensive and I didn't have time to order it seeing as how it was now 7 days before the holidays.  So I did some research and found this idea at Skip to My Lou.

To do this project you really only need binder clips, a home printer, basic knowledge of creating items on Word/PPT, Sillicone Sealer, and Patience.

Silicone Sealer.  I got at Target for like $3 I think.

Notepads ready for the sealer.  I clipped with binder clips at the sides and bottom.  However after I added the sealer I had to very carefully move the clips from the bottom to the top.

Hard to see but I'm trying to show the sealer.  Yeah, it's clear.......

Finished notepad

See you can tear the sheets off!

Gather materials
  • printed papers for padding
  • silicone sealer
  • binder clips
Attach binder clips to sides and bottom.  
Run sealer along the top edge.
Wet your finder and smooth out the sealer. 
Then carefully move the binder clips to the top edge.  Be careful not to let it touch the sealer you just applied.
Let it dry for 3 hours.  
Reapply sealer.
Let it dry for 3 hours.

TIP:  Skip to My Lou recommends putting a blank sheet at the front and/or back.  The Silicone will drip down a bit and if you like clean lines like I do, it will bother you on your front page.  So it's nice to have a blank page you can tear off and throw away when you are done.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Pantry Reorganized!

So when I went to that fabulous store the other day I got some of these Linus Cabinet Organizers.  When I got home I put some food from our disorganized pantry in them and was very happy with the improvement.  But this little voice in my head said....."Carrie, you need more!"  Don't you hate love that?  Well apparently this voice spoke so loud that my cuz up in PA heard me and got me 4 MORE for an Xmas present.  Yeah you heard me 4!!!!  JACKPOT!

Tonight I attacked that cabinet.  I'm sorry that I don't have a before shot for you.  But I think the after shots more than speak for themselves!

So pretty!

Missing Labels so I added them digitally!

The other item I bought at the container store was a lazy susan for all the oils and spices.  I'm always afraid that I'm going to knock the bottles off the shelf.  The lazy susan takes up more space, so it is not a space saver,  however from an ease of use, it is well worth it!   I put all the stuff I use most often on it or at the front right to the left of it to grab quickly.  

Organizing your own pantry:
Start by taking all your food out.  Everything!  Throw out expired food, put food that expires in the next 3/6 months somewhere so you can put it towards the front when you put everything back.  Then think about what you use most often?  What do you need to grab quick?  Organize like things together!  Organize like shapes together.  We put the new Linus drawers on the top shelf.  We are small people so it is not only hard for us to reach the top shelf, but stuff gets lost.  I'm not even going to gross you out with what I found up there way in the back!  So everything on the top shelf 1) We don't use THAT often.  2) Is in a drawer so we can easily pull it down grab what we want and put it back!

Final Details:
  • On the cabinet doors, I'm looking into adding some cork/metal so that I can put up our weekly menu and a reminder to purge the pantry every three months and throw out what has expired.  
  • I'm also going to buy some of the Avery Circle labels to make simple labels for the tops of the spices so we can pull out the spices and glance down to see what we need.  I might will even alphabetize them! 
  • I also have to label the containers when I get my label maker.
I have to say that Alejandra at alejandra.tv inspired much of these ideas.  Her pantry organization tips and ideas really helped get me focused.  What I love about her philosophy is that by being able to see everything and get to everything quickly, you know what you have and can use it.  If you don't use it, then you don't need it!  Get rid of it!  =)

Friday, December 28, 2012

Let the Organizing Begin!

2013 isn't here yet, but I'm starting on a few small projects around the house to get myself moving.  Today was a fun trip to the Container Store for some lovely items!  Tonight after T went to bed, I tackled a very small task.


The drawers in our one and only bathroom are so narrow!  So originally it looked something like this. A big pile of makeup!

BTW I love Bare Escentuals Makeup!  An investment in the beginning but now I very rarely have to buy anything, it LASTS FOREVER!

Now it has been updated and the makeup is organized by where it goes on my face.  I probably could have gotten another one of the larger trays pictured for the odd and end items in the back that I don't use that often.  There are three main compartments: face, cheeks/lips, and eyes.

These acrylic trays are great for narrow spaces and they are easy to clean.  They were relatively inexpensive as well.  Get yours from the Container Store!

One thing I have heard over and over the last few weeks as I've been researching and learning about being organized is finding a way for you to SEE all your stuff.  If you don't see it you won't use it.  By organizing my makeup this way, I can see EVERYTHING!  Plus it is organized by how I put on my makeup!  Brushes are kept in the pouch on the side.  Not my first choice but I don't want to put them on the counter so for now they will stay there.  It works!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

365 days of Organization

Ok so here it is.  My master plan for 2013 and my 365 days of Organization is starting SOON!  I'm seeing this as a similar experience to the movie Julie and Julia.  Only I fear I might cry more than Amy Adams did.  =)  I am going to try to give myself a heavy month and then a light month and prioritize as best as I can.

Up on Deck aka The PLAN so Far!
Over Winter Break - Foyer Closet and Upstairs Bathroom
January - Kitchen
February - Taylor's Room/Closet
March - Master Bedroom

This coming Friday I will be taking a much needed trip to The Container Store in Rockville to buy plastic and other fabulous organizing ideas to help with these tasks up on deck.  I need to measure my little heart out over the next few days prior to the trip!

I've started to pin ideas to my 2013 Organizing Pinterest Board
I've also begun my Container Store Wish List so I know what to look for when I go to shop!

Stay Tuned!  =)
My husband says this project is let's see how long I can keep this up before I fail miserable......so GAME ON!  Now I have to complete this project!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

I have a confession.....

So my biggest confession yet.  I'm a messy person.

Those of you that know me from work are probably SHOCKED right now.  Well.....to be the awesome, talented and fabulous teacher and classroom organizer that I am, something has to give.  Well the house.....it gave.....and then gave some more.  I can lie and say I really don't know how it happened....or I can be honest and say I just gave up.

Today I choose honesty.  I gave up.  Now for the most part the areas in the house where Taylor spends her time are cleaned.  But the areas that she never goes.....well those areas are awful.  And quite frankly, it's my fault.  I can't blame it on anyone but me.

I've been sick the last few days and have been home in the house when it is at rest.  While refreshing,  I don't think I've been home all day by myself in over two years, you start to see things you don't necessarily notice (or choose to ignore) when you are rushing around after a two year old or you are making dinner, or you are just putting on Caillou to have a few minutes (11 or 22 to be exact) of quiet.  I'm not proud of what I have noticed.

This post is more for me than anyone else. But thank you to those who are reading...... Blogging about this is my way of holding myself accountable for my plan of action.  So my plan for 2013 is to organize my house.

Each month I'm going to tackle 1 area of the house.  Tear it apart, reorganize it, put it back together and keep it together.  I'm going to buy my iPad earlier than expected, meaning I might have to settle for the 7 inch version and download the Motivated Mom's app that is expensive (for apps anyway) and follow their weekly chore schedule.  Along the way I hope to share photos, ideas, inspiration for what I'm going for and in the end hopefully this time next year I'll have a nice clean house to share.  I'll probably at that point own stock in the Container Store as well!

So  I took some photos today and I have a few to share.......Please turn away if you don't like to see Messy Houses!
The dreaded bookshelves.  They need some reorganization if the hubby will let me.
At the very least I need to scale down the knicknacks.

The table.....right now doesn't look too shabby. 
We I need to keep it that way.

Go through and purge DVD's.  We have over 500.

We got this new island for the kitchen, right now it is doing nothing but taking up space.  
Need to make it functional.

Oh LORD!  The dreaded mail and communication station.  
This one could take a whole month itself.

Wonder why the table is clean?  
Here is the rest of what was on the table.

Come up with a plan for this closet.  Most of the stuff up top are things we take outside to play.
Need better grab and go options!

Switch out the bookcase.  It's old and falling apart.

Taylor's room - Looking GREAT!

Well the closet needs a big overhaul.  

Oh and the finale......my side of the bedroom.  

So now you know my confession.  And now it is time for me to own up to my plan of reorganizing the mess that I have created.

Soon I'm going to make a monthly plan and share my 2013 Organize my House Board from Pinterest.

Try not to hold my messy house against me......=)

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