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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Saving $ on Crafts

I'm always looking for ways to save $ on Crafting Items.  This is key when you are making homemade gifts, especially around the holidays!

In the past I have used apps on my Smartphone such as the Michael's, Jo Ann's, and GeoQPons to help me save $ on one item that I'm purchasing.  I usually buy only a few items at a time and in the end don't save all that I could.  Enter my new friend: competitor coupons.  =)

I saw this post on Pinterest a while back.  Seemed simple enough.  Well things have changes with Michaels since I first saw it and as a Michael's addict I'm slightly perturbed but you know what.....if they don't want my business I will take it elsewhere.

Enter JoAnn's.  We have a Superstore near where I work so it has a very good selection of most items I would need to purchase.  So today I went into JoAnn's with the following list:

Glass Jar/Vase
Sticks (didn't have what I wanted)
Fall Ribbon - Got two spools
Fall Scrapbook Paper - got a stack so I would have extra to share
Twine - got two small wraps
Cupcake Wrappers
Cupcake Box - only came in packs of 3 but I have more now for this project again
Coloring Book for T - Not on the list but it was $1.

Total for this before coupons was $47.00!!!  Insane.

Enter My Coupons - before leaving my house I went through all the local papers and cut out the printed coupons from flyers for Michaels, JoAnn's and Hobby Lobby.  Then I went on all three websites and printed all the coupons I could online as well.  Finally I checked my JoAnn's App on my SmartPhone for coupons there.  Here is what I ended up saving.

50% off one item (Michaels printed flyer coupon)
40% off one item (JoAnn's printed flyer coupon)
40% off one item (Hobby Lobby Internet coupon)
50% off one item (JoAnn's SmartPhone app coupon)
40% off one item (JoAnn's SmartPhone app coupon)
25% off your entire purchase (JoAnn's Internet coupon)

AND I got to USE THEM ALL in ONE Transaction!  Key at JoAnn's is as long as they have a unique barcode you can use them.

I saved a total of $20 making my total $27 which is a 43% savings on my entire purchase.

So this self-confessed Michael's addict may just have become a JoAnn's Girl!

Monday, November 5, 2012


Saw this idea on Pinterest and my daycare is about to have a neice in a family of boys!  So figured it was a good opportunity to test out this little craft and see how it would turn out.  I will definitely be doing it again.  Super Easy!

Taylor helping didn't go as well as planned.  There was a fit over the cupcake wrappers.....she did NOT want them to go in the box with the onsies......she didn't really understand why she couldn't eat what we were making.....yes on the day when the clocks change and she is a frantic tired mess I tease her with making onsie cupcakes......cause I'm just an awesome mom!

All of the supplies
Pack of Gerber Onsies, 2 pairs of Socks, 
Cupcake Boxes (came in a set of 3 so I have two more), and cupcake wrappers

Wrap the onsie around a sock and sit in cupcake wrapper.

This is a random photo taken between fits of tears and crankiness......she was NOT this happy during this project.

Finished box!

Box closed.  I added some purple organza ribbon to the box and it is ready to go.  Fairly inexpensive too.  The most expensive part was pack of onsies.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

A Planbook ala Carrie

Inspiration:  I {Heart} Organizing Of Course! With a Dash of the Nest/Learning Effect!

So earlier in October, I saw a post by the fabulous Jennifer Jones about how she created her own Blog Planner.  She printed her own pages, added free dividers, and had it bound inexpensively at Staples.  This got me thinking........dangerous I know.

As a teacher I have this ugly, boring, county-issued plannbook.  In fact most of my teacher friends have the same one.  While it is functional, it lacks personality.  I find myself trying to make it my own and failing miserably every year.

Here is what I have come up with. (Pardon the Glare)

I made a cute cover using a Chevron Paper, Embellishments, and my new favorite font KG Be Still and Know (thanks Tiffany@Learning Effect for getting me hooked!)

The first section is my schedules section.  I included my schedule that I turned in to the tech office as well as all of those crazy schedules our school makes: early dismissal, late opening, celebrations, etc.

The next section is my calendar.  I opted to just put in our county-created calendar.  Although next year I think I may print my own calendar to make better use of the page.  This was a last minute addition.  I use Google Calendar for most things so this is more of the permanent copy.  Currently this calendar is hanging on the board by my desk.  I like having it in my book all in one place.  However, I still think I like having it out and up on the board.......so we will see if this section gets used.......

After that is my To Do sheets.  I borrowed this idea from Nest Effect.  Tiffany posted a free printable on her blog.  I liked it but I ended up making some adjustments so that it worked for me.  This allows me to record all those To Do's that need to be done but aren't URGENT.  It allows me to put down Due Dates and check off when they are finished.

Behind that are my Notes Sheets.  Sometimes, I meet with teams and we do collaborative projects.  This is where I plan on writing down info about those projects.

Next are my lesson plans.  I have always felt that my planbook pages never worked for me.  I rewrite the same info (Teacher/Grade) each week.  Once I tried to run it through the printer, that looked like CRAP.  What I LOVE about my pages is my Week at a Glance column on the left where I will record meetings and other important things to know about the week.  Then plans for classes in the middle and on the right my specific To Do's and Most Important Tasks that HAVE TO GET DONE!

The last two sections are my Gradebooks.  Here is where my school has its advantage.  We have limited transfers in or out of our school during the actual school year.  So I'm able to print up sheets for my gradebook with student names, logins, computer numbers, and passwords.  One of the sections is for 1st Semester (1st/2nd Quarter) and the other is for 2nd Semester (3rd/4th Quarter).

I had all of this bound at Staples after I printed it. ALL DONE!  It cost me approximately $5.50 to have it bound.  CHEAP!

So now that I had this sucker bound....how can I doll it up a bit more.  The tabs are a bit white PLAIN.  Following along with my Inspiration, I went in search of washi tape.  I found a ton at Target.  I originally was going to use a bunch of different colors but in the end, I caved and went with just one of the rolls, which was a super cute black and white polka dot.  Then I stuck it down on the tabs and used my label maker to create labels.  I'm sure I'll find some other craft project to use the other washi tape for. (insert Evil Crafting Laughter)

I got a pencil pouch (even decorated that with some polka dots) and filled it with some Sharpie Pens in fun colors, post its, and I'm good to GO!!

What do you think?!?

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