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Monday, January 20, 2014

Everything and the Bathroom Sink

My bathroom vanity had been a problem since we moved into the house in 2009.  It just got worse with the birth of our daughter and additional items needing a home.  Last winter, I spent some time reorganizing.  I was first inspired by Alejandra when she shared her organizing tips on her bathroom vanity.  I think what spoke the most to me is her tip of "seeing" what you will use.  This organizing project came in several parts.

Part One:  The Before

Um, yes, embarrassing.  
So you can see everything is just thrown under there in a bunch of different ways in a variety of drawers and bins.  Just became a dumping ground.  First I did an inventory of my belongings.  I also decided to organize medicines and first aid using this method found at Ask Anna.

Part Two:  First Reorganization Effort

So armed with an idea and a plan,  I went to the Container Store after seeing Alejandra's video and bought their Stacking Bins.  I couldn't buy as many as I wanted because I was on a tight budget and as you will see later, I'm kinda glad I didn't.  I originally planned to make mine look like exactly like hers. 

I bought three large and three medium bins with plans on buying more the following month.  So I came home and emptied my cabinets out and started to organize what I had.  You would not believe how much stuff I haven't used IN YEARS!  Out it went.  What I was left with was one side that was organized and the other still lacking.  I also didn't like how hard it was for me to get things out of the top of the large stacking bin all the way on the left.  The medicine/first aid tubs I created (found in the second photo) weren't working well either and were very sloppy sitting in the cabinet.  This arrangement lasted about a month before.......

Part Three: Final Organization - The AFTER

I really liked the stacking bins and decided after moving things around and playing around with some configuration ideas I ended up purchasing one more large stacking bin, and an over the cabinet basket.  So after getting these new goodies home, I unpacked and reorganized again and I have to say 9 months later, I'm still super happy with the result. 

Left: Paper products, QTips and other random items, First Aid/Medicine Bins.  Not shown, travel bags are housed behind the tubs.

Right: Feminine products, Hair products I don't use every day, travel items, extra makeup, nail polish, hair spray, and styling gel.

On the Door: Hair Dryer, Hair Brushes

 I used some light blue scrapbook paper and my label maker to label each stacking bin.

 I also used some patterned scrap booking paper and a label punch along with my label maker on the tubs to dress them up a bit. Our bathroom is brown and blue so these labels match well.

I put some of those bathroom cleaning items we use daily in the small space left behind the center of the cabinet.  

I usually try to wipe down the bathroom sink each night with the Clorox wipes.  They are the best.  Weekly cleaning supplies are found elsewhere.  More on that later!

So that's it!  Loving my bathroom vanity now.  Not only is everything organized but it is also functional!  Score!

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