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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Blinds - the Good, the Bad and the Disgusting

So the other night after I finished organizing the island I decided I was going to scrub down the stainless steel garbage can and clean it up with affresh and a microfiber cloth.  Works Wonders!!

Well when I pulled the garbage can out from its hold, I found a mess behind it.  There was stuff on the walls, floor boards, tile, and even the blinds.  YUCK!

So the walls, floor board and tiles were easy enough.  Used my trusty Magic Eraser and some additional cleaning solutions, zip zip.

The blinds.......well the blinds were another story.

First I started with just the dirty blinds.......then I found that as I was cleaning that section of the blinds that the uncleaned ones were now a different shade of white than the ones that I had just cleaned.  So I tried the wipe technique to clean all the blinds......you know where you close the blinds and just wipe down with a wet cloth and then dry afterwards in the same manner.  Well that would be great if our blinds didn't have wood grains in them.  All of the dirt and grime settled in those tiny grains and UGGG it looked HORRIBLE.......

So what did I end up doing?  Yeah, you guessed it.  I washed each blind one piece at a time!  It took forever.  I ended up only doing one set of blinds last night.  I'm going to do the other two tonight and Tuesday night until they are finished.  Can you see the difference below??

So what's the lesson I learned from this.........keep on top of the cleaning on your blinds, not to buy blinds with wood grain on them, or buy something other than white in the future.

But this set sure is nice now that it is finished!


  1. If your blinds aren't too difficult to deal with, you can also take them down and give them a soak in the bathtub. I used scrubbing bubbles on my blinds in the bathroom and they came out great!!

  2. Thanks Kendra! Definitely a good idea for the next time. Right now I only have one more to get done so it's gonna just be easier to wash the last one for now. I have visions of them hanging outside and being sprayed with a powerwasher this summer. =)


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