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Monday, December 31, 2012

Easy Notepads

This year I made a planner for my cousin as her Christmas gift.  I also did a little notebook project for her hubby that loves the Boston Bruins.  As I was finishing up their items, I saw this post on Pinterest.

This got me started to think I could make them both little notepads to go with their items.  Well the Padding Compound was super expensive and I didn't have time to order it seeing as how it was now 7 days before the holidays.  So I did some research and found this idea at Skip to My Lou.

To do this project you really only need binder clips, a home printer, basic knowledge of creating items on Word/PPT, Sillicone Sealer, and Patience.

Silicone Sealer.  I got at Target for like $3 I think.

Notepads ready for the sealer.  I clipped with binder clips at the sides and bottom.  However after I added the sealer I had to very carefully move the clips from the bottom to the top.

Hard to see but I'm trying to show the sealer.  Yeah, it's clear.......

Finished notepad

See you can tear the sheets off!

Gather materials
  • printed papers for padding
  • silicone sealer
  • binder clips
Attach binder clips to sides and bottom.  
Run sealer along the top edge.
Wet your finder and smooth out the sealer. 
Then carefully move the binder clips to the top edge.  Be careful not to let it touch the sealer you just applied.
Let it dry for 3 hours.  
Reapply sealer.
Let it dry for 3 hours.

TIP:  Skip to My Lou recommends putting a blank sheet at the front and/or back.  The Silicone will drip down a bit and if you like clean lines like I do, it will bother you on your front page.  So it's nice to have a blank page you can tear off and throw away when you are done.

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